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SPAA Baseball League

We offer baseball programs for boys ages 7U-18U. Learn about our Boys Baseball program.

SPAA Fast-Pitch Softball League

SPAA Fast-Pitch Softball League

We offer fast-pitch softball programs for girls ages 8U-18u. Learn about our Softball program.

SPAA T-Ball League

SPAA T-Ball League

SPAA offers Co-ed T-Ball for 4 & 5 year old players.

SPAA Machine Pitch Baseball & Softball

SPAA Machine Pitch Baseball & Softball

SPAA offers Machine Pitch for 6, 7 and 8 year old baseball & softball players.

SPAA Select Fast-Pitch Double-Header League

SPAA Select Fast-Pitch Double-Header League

We offer Select Fast-Pitch softball program for 12U, 14U, & 16/18U girls. Learn about our Select Double-Header Softball program.

SPAA Men's BaseballLeague

SPAA Men's BaseballLeague

SPAA offers 19 and Over Men's Baseball each season.

Field Status

SPAA Field Status will be updated by 4 PM Monday - Friday, 7:30 AM on Saturdays and 11 AM on Sundays.  This is only updated for SPAA league games and any practices at Strehl Fields.

10/31/2022 The 2022 season is now completed. Thank you for being part of the SPAA family and supporting our organization. You all helped make 2022 a fabulous seaon and we look forward to seeing you in 2023. Till then....................Happy Holidays to you all!

SPAA Thanks our sponsors. Please thank them by supporting them when you can.

2023 Registration opens December 5. See below for information based on ages.


Managers - register and set your team up here.  

Players - register under the age appropriate heading to the right.  

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4U - 5U Boys & Girls 

Coed T-ball League -  Registration will begin December 5 for our Spring/Summer season.
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6U - 14U Boys

6U is a pitching machine/t-ball league

7U & 8U are pitching machine leagues

9U - 14U are regular baseball

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6U - 16U Girls

6U is a pitching machine/t-ball league

7U and 8U are pitching machine leagues

9U and up are girls fast pitch leagues

We will offer 6U, 7U, 8U, 9U, 10U, 12U and 14/16U for Spring.

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Double-Header Select 16/18U Girls 

This league is a Monday night double header league with teams in both 16U and 18U.  

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19 & Over Men
19 & over Men's league.  

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News & Announcements

2023 Registration

Thank you to all the teams, players, families, and fans that supported SPAA in 2022. SPAA genuinely appreciates your support!

The 2023 Season will be here before you know it! Team and individual registration will open on Monday, December 5, 2022, and team registration will close on February 20, 2023, or when we are full, whichever is first.


Manager’s may begin setting up their teams on December 5, or as soon as registration is up and running. Please ask your parents to hold off registering their child until they receive the link from you inviting them to register. This will make a smoother transition to the players going on the correct teams.


If you are an individual without a team, you may register through individual registration, and we will form new teams. If you are on a team, please wait until you get an invitation from your manager to register to assure you get on the correct team.

Please check the SPAA Website for more information on our programs.

SPAA is looking for a few individuals that would like to help make a difference in our organization as board members.  Please feel free to contact the SPAA office at 636-397-3149 or Philip Heiss at 636-542-8309 for more information.  

SPAA Board of Directors wishes you all a very Safe and Happy Holiday Season. 


2023 Practice Time at Strehl Fields

SPAA will be renting the Strehl fields (Strehl 92, 93, 94 and 95) and batting cages (A & B) at Strehl (6000 Hwy N in Cottleville) at a rate of $16 per 90 minutes to teams in good standings with SPAA. Strehl 94 is a small field that will hold up to 65-foot bases. There are no lights at Strehl. Portable mounds will be available for use. ABSOLUTELY NO METAL SPIKES ARE ALLOWED! Bases are not provided. 

If you wish to reserve practice time, reservations for 2023 will be accepted in email form only beginning November 15 at 9 AM.  Emails have time stamps and those sent prior to 9 AM will go to the bottom of the list.  Once SPAA confirms your dates and times, we will send you an email with the amount you will owe.  You will be given 7 days to either get us a check or call in with a credit card to cover the payment. After 7 days if you have not paid your balance due, your rental time will be given to the next person requesting it. Once we receive your payment, we will email out a permit for you to keep with you at all times.

You may request rental time for April 3, 2023, through October 2023. April through July time will be billed right away and requested time for August, September and October will be permitted out with 50% of the fall payment, minus any accumulated credits from April through July 2023, being billed at the beginning of August.  Balance will be billed the end of October to ensure as many credits are able to be used as possible. Once again, all permitted time for April through July must be paid within 10 days of receipt of bill. All credits for 2023 will expire October 31, 2023.

February 25 through March 31 practice times will be available for registered SPAA teams only at no charge. Once registration opens (December 5, 2022) and you set up your team, you may request the free time. These are only free for February 27 thru March 31.  Starting April 3 all teams pay $16 per 90 minutes.

The following times will be offered:

Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays

5 – 6:30 and 6:30 - 8  (February 27 - March 31 and after Labor Day there is just one time slot - 5 to dark)

Saturdays and Sundays (February 27 thru March 31)

9 – 10:30; 10:30 – noon; noon – 1:30; 1:30 – 3; 3 – 4:30; 4:30 – 6

Your request must include the following:

Team name and Name of person you want the reservation under

Age group

Baseball or Softball

Contact phone number

email address

Specific dates you want (not just the day of the week)

Specific times you want (choose from above)

Facility requesting if you have a preference (Cage A, Cage B, Field 92, Field 93, Field 94, or Field 95)


2023 Girls Softball Age Graph Changes

Earlier this fall, SPAA sent out a recommendation to change the age graph for the younger girls.  We received only a few comments back and all were ok with the change, although most would like to have an age graph to match the school districts.  Unfortunately to do this would put SPAA teams at a disadvantage if and when they play tournaments. 

SPAA has adopted the below age graph for SPAA Softball, with hopes this will make the younger girls feel more at ease as they begin.

4T and 5T will continue to be coed leagues, unless we have a large influx of girls at these age groups and we can get 3 or 4 all girl teams.  6U will be a girl’s league unless we do not have enough registration, then we will have to make this coed once again.

The 7U age group is new.  We feel very confident we will be able to pull this league off for 2023, as we had 6 teams in the girls 6U in 2022.  We are attempting to get enough teams in the 8 & Under, 9 & Under and 10 & Under so each may run independently.  Time will tell.  If we do not have enough in the 7U or 8U, we will have to combine and put in the 8U girls  age group.  If we do not have enough in the 9U or 10U, we will combine and put them in the 10U girls age groups.  With this, we will try again next year. 

Teams may still form with combined ages if they wish.  The team will need to play in the age group their oldest player falls in. 

Girls may always play up to play with a friend(s), but they may not play down.

Please feel free to contact the SPAA office should you have any questions. 636-397-3149

4T-ball co-ed  5 - 1 -  18 TO 12 - 31 - 19
5T-ball co-ed  5 - 1 -  17 TO 4 - 30 - 18
6U co-ed   1 - 1 -  16 TO 4 - 30 - 17
7U Girls   1 - 1 -  15 TO 12 - 31 - 15
8U Girls   1 - 1 -  14 TO 12 - 31- 14
9U Girls   1 - 1 -  13 TO 12 - 31 - 13
10U Girls   1 - 1 -  12 TO 12 - 31- 12
12U Girls   1 - 1 -  10 TO 12 - 31- 11
14U Girls   1 - 1 -  08 TO 12 - 31- 09
16U Girls   1 - 1 -  06 TO 12 - 31- 07
18U Girls   1 - 1 -  04 TO 12 - 31- 05



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Field Locations



FIELDS 1 & 2

1 Park St,  St Peters, MO 63376


FIELDS 9, 10, & 11

3888 Shady Springs Ln,
St Peters, MO 63376


FIELDS 92, 93, 94 & 95

6000 State Highway N,
Cottleville, MO 63304


FIELDS 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28

1 Woodlands Parkway,
St Peters, MO 63376