Training League

Our T-Ball League is a great introduction to team sports and the fundamentals of baseball and softball. We do have structure in this program to prepare the players for future years of baseball/softball, adding a lttle bit each year. There are 10 players on the field at a time and a half inning ends when either 3 outs are made or 5 runs are scored, whichever comes first.  

Our T-Ball program is coed.  Full and partial teams are welcome as well as individuals without a team.  Players may request to play with friends and we work with this request to try to make this happen. 

Managers are all volunteer and generally come from within the team. If you would like to manage/coach please contact SPAA for further information ([email protected]). 

League Details

  • 4-5 year old players - T-Ball
  • We offer separate leagues if there are enough players, otherwise we combine the 4 and 5 year olds.
  • Co-ed: boys and girls
  • 6 game season + 2 scheduled practices through SPAA beginning Mid April
  • Additional practices are determined by the team manager/coach
  • Games 1 hour
  • Games Played: primarily weekends (primarily Saturdays)
  • All league games are played at fields in the city of St. Peters, most likely at Woodland
  • Each player receives a SPAA team t-shirt and hat
  • Cost is $75.00 per player

2021 Player Eligibility

  • 4 yrs old (T-Ball) for players born between 5/01/16 - 12/31/17
  • 5 yrs old (T-Ball) for players born between 5/01/15 - 4/30/16

Registration Details


Player Registration is open Dec 7th 

Players without a team need to be registered by  March 1st 

~ $75.00 ~

Coach (Team) Registration is open Dec 7th - March 1st

~ No Fee ~

For questions contact the SPAA office at: [email protected]


Refund Policies

In Leagues where individual fees are paid to SPAA:

$10.00 Retention fee if:

  • Child chooses not to play before the 1st game for any reason.
  • Child moves/is moving away before the start of the season.
  • Season ending injury occurs before the season starts.

50% Refund if:

  • One (1) game has been played before child quits.

25% Refund if:

  • Two (2) games have been played before child quits.

No Refund if:

  • Three (3) or more games have been played and child quits.

In Leagues where team fees are paid:

  • No refund from SPAA. Refund will be at the discretion of the manager.

Revised 12/4/2017

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