6U - 18U Boys Baseball League

SPAA offers Baseball for age groups 6U - 15U (rarely do we get enough for a 15U league).  In the Fall you play the age group you will be for 2023.

League Details

  • 6-18 year old boys
  • 8 Game Fall schedule
  • Depending on the amount of teams per age group, there may be more than 1 or 2 competition levels.
  • All Games are 1 hr 30 mins time limit for Fall   All teams have run limits in the Fall.  5 runs per inning for 6, 7, 8 and 9 year old teams.  All others are 7 runs per inning.  
  • Games Played: Monday - Fridays beginning August 15, 2022.
  • All Fall league games are played at fields in the City of St. Peters
  • Practice times and locations are determined by the team coach/manager
  • Individuals registration is not accepted for the fall.  All players must receive an invitation from a team
  • Players already on a team should wait for an invitation from their manager to register.  

2022  Fall and 2023 Spring Player Eligibility

  • 6U (machine pitch w/T-ball) for players born between 5/01/16 - 4/30/17
  • 7U (machine pitch) for players born between 5/01/15 - 4/30/16
  • 8U (machine pitch) for players born between 5/01/14 - 4/30/15
  • 9U (kids pitch) for players born between 5/01/13 - 4/30/14
  • 10U (kids pitch) for players born between 5/01/12 - 4/30/13
  • 11U (Kids pitch) for players born between 5/01/11 - 4/30/12
  • 12U (kids pitch) for players born between 5/01/10 - 4/30/11
  • 13U (kids pitch) for players born between 5/01/09 - 4/30/10
  • 14U (kids pitch) for players born between 5/01/08 - 4/30/09

Registration Details

Registration Details

Individuals - Team pays fee

Individuals will receive an invitation from the manager and will need to click on the link and register before the first game they participate in OR before the team steps on the field for their 5th game.

Team - Manager Pays

$1000 per team - manager pays for team.  Players pay the manager - Registration open July 5, closes July 22  

Refund Policies

In Leagues where individual fees are paid to SPAA:

$10.00 Retention fee if:

  • Child chooses not to play before the 1st game for any reason.
  • Child moves/is moving away before the start of the season.
  • Season ending injury occurs before the season starts.

50% Refund if:

  • One (1) game has been played before child quits.

25% Refund if:

  • Two (2) games have been played before child quits.

No Refund if:

  • Three (3) or more games have been played and child quits.

In Leagues where team fees are paid:

  • No refund from SPAA. Refund will be at the discretion of the manager.

Revised 12/4/2017

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