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detail Click for Details Posted by Anonymous 10/30/2022 7:42 PM
Player Info: 9U Samantha Sandoval Phone: 619-746-0729  Email: [email protected]

Years Played: None Level of Play:  Description: Previous golfer looking to play softball. She's VERY competitive

detail Click for Details Posted by Anonymous 10/26/2022 8:21 PM
Player Info: 14U Taylei Sesson Phone: 3144841325 Email: [email protected]

Years Played: 4 yrs Level of Play:  Description: Shortstop and Pitcher

detail Click for Details Posted by Anonymous 10/16/2022 2:43 PM
Player Info: 10U Brinley Gilbert Phone: 636-443-5991  Email: [email protected]

Years Played: 2 yrs Level of Play:  Description: 2 summers at YMCA, looking for more competitive league

detail Click for Details Posted by Anonymous 9/17/2022 8:18 PM
Player Info: 6U Emma Pereira Phone: 6368752082 Email: [email protected]

Years Played: 2 yrs Level of Play:  Description: Played i9 tball for 3 seasons